January 20, 2018
World News
19.01.2018 | 20:32
U.S. Presses to Relocate Embassy to Jerusalem by 2019
The Trump administration is moving faster than expected to transfer the American Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv by 2019, senior officials said Thursday, despite insisting last month that the move [...]
19.01.2018 | 17:31
Turkologist: Erdogan supports the propagation of Islamic values in Turkey.
Stages of solving the tension between Turkey and America are nowhere to be seen.  Turkologist, regional expert Mushegh Khudaverdyan told in a news conference today, adding that Erdogan's governm[...]
19.01.2018 | 16:35
Expert: The atmosphere between Kurds in Turkey is controversial.
Some Kurds in Turkey are trying to defend the local authorities because they think that if they go against the Turkish officials, the Kurds will suffer notable losses. Turkologist Mushegh Khudaverdyan[...]
19.01.2018 | 14:04
Turkologist: Turkey will strengthen nationalistic rhetoric.
Speaking to reporters today, Turkologist Anush Hovhannisyan mentioned that starting from 2019, we have to deal with new Turkey.  "Turkey is going through a new system of governance, which is Erd[...]
19.01.2018 | 11:31
Armenian businessman's initiative on the anniversary of breaking of Leningrad Blockade.
January 18 marks the 75th anniversary of the breaking of Leningrad blockade. The city was blockaded for 872 days during the Second World War. Memorial events have already begun.  In former Lenin[...]
19.01.2018 | 10:05
Turkish army's Military Preparedness has Reached its Highest Level
The Turkish General Staff instructed the troops to cross the border with Syria at a high level of military preparedness, Anadolu agency reported.   It is reported that the armored vehicles have[...]
18.01.2018 | 20:32
The level of trust in the United States has reached a minimum
According to a Gallup survey, the level of trust in the US policy has dropped to 30% among other nations, which is the lowest in the entire history of the research.   The previous minimum figur[...]
17.01.2018 | 12:05
The Iranian President Stated the Primary Issue of the Islamic World
The defeat of the Islamic State terrorist group means that the solution to the Palestinian issue has once again become a priority for the Islamic world. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated during [...]
16.01.2018 | 17:32
Lifetime To Air Prince Harry And Meghan Markle TV Movie
A Lifetime movie about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a go. “Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story” will chronicle the courtship of the British royal and American actress, according[...]
16.01.2018 | 12:34
Syrian Foreign Ministry: US forces do not scare anyone.
The forces in Syria declared by the United States are "fake" and do not scare anyone, "said al-Maadi, Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria in an interview with a Syrian TV channel.   Earlier, the U[...]
16.01.2018 | 11:33
Cavusoglu and Tillerson will discuss the US plans for training of Syrian Kurds
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu will meet with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during a ministerial meeting in North Korea on Vancouver to discuss the plans for training of Syrian Kurds,[...]
15.01.2018 | 19:30
Palestine will break ties with countries that move their embassies to Jerusalem
The Palestinians will not maintain their relations with those countries that will move their embassies to Jerusalem. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated this in his speech at Ramallah, TASS[...]
15.01.2018 | 18:34
The US is playing with fire. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag called the US-led international coalition troops training courses for Syrian Democrats in favor of the Turkish-Syrian border.   "The United States is [...]
15.01.2018 | 17:02
Syria Condemns US Intention to Train Kurdish Armed Groups
Syria has condemned the Turk-Syrian intention to train "Syrian Democracy Forces" militants for the protection of the Turkish-Syrian border. The information is reported by SANA news agency, referring t[...]
15.01.2018 | 15:31
Belarussian Armenians will celebrate New Year on January 27
Armenian youth of the Belarus capital decided to celebrate 2018 and say goodbye to 2017.   They invite all those who wish to celebrate, to the city's "Sky House." The entrance fee is 45 Belaru[...]
15.01.2018 | 14:04
Armenian citizen detained in Turkey
According to Turkish sources, a 24-year-old citizen of the Republic of Armenia M. M. was arrested in Istanbul. M. who is suspected of downloading and disseminating child pornography.   Accordin[...]
15.01.2018 | 13:28
An Armenian has been wounded in the attack on the school in Perm
In the morning of January 15, students attacked the school No. 127 in Perm. As a result of the incident, around ten students received different degrees of knife strikes.   Among the wounded is [...]
13.01.2018 | 16:30
Azerbaijani Teacher Fired After Call for Peace with Armenia
In late December, a group of men from a nationalist organization broke into a high school in Baku and accosted a teacher, who had become a social media sensation for posting a photo of one of his stud[...]
12.01.2018 | 16:50
Victims of California Mudslides Were Swept Away Weeks After Surviving Fires
LOS ANGELES — For more than two weeks last month, Josie Gower shuffled between her friends’ spare bedrooms and couches while her own home in Montecito, Calif., was under evacuation orders [...]
12.01.2018 | 14:30
Facebook Overhauls News Feed to Focus on What Friends and Family Share
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook has introduced sweeping changes to the kinds of posts, videos and photos that its more than two billion members will see most often, saying on Thursday that it would pri[...]
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