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May 27, 2018
Our party's main preface has been from the people, by the people, for the people.

 From this moment forward, I declare that our preface is to focus towards the youth, by the youth, for a young Armenia. Long live everyone!!! May we soon become so strong that we can cross the Araks River and look at Mount Ararat from the opposite side, and meet in Van next year...".

Vartan Nazerian

Head of the Armenian-Democratic Ramkavar Azatakan Party Supreme Council

26.05.2018 | 13:03
Iran and the new threat of sanctions
The US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran completely changed the geopolitical situation in the region, even causing a temporary rise in oil prices and p[...]
25.05.2018 | 13:01
Where to search for the sources of sabotage?
Recently not only fresh forces, but also new words and expressions have entered the political field of Armenia. Dueto our Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, many Armenians enriched their vocabulary, for [...]
25.05.2018 | 12:00
Singapore is now home to Asia's first Armenian museum
The Armenian community is opening a museum - the first in Asia - in Singapore to celebrate its presence in the southeastern Asian nation, The Straits Times reports. Armenians are behind some of most [...]
23.05.2018 | 13:35
My call is definitely timeous, I assure you
Until now, German linguists and historians have not been able to come to a common opinion about who was the first to use the famous expression, co-authors of which are considered Goethe, Bismarck, Tho[...]
22.05.2018 | 13:05
US sanctions and Armenian-Iranian cooperation
As it is already known, on May 17, the interim agreement on the establishment of a free trade zone between the EAEU and Iran was signed in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. This cooperation is of str[...]
19.05.2018 | 13:05
Shaping new US-EU confrontation
After being elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, according to his promise, chose a clear strategy for protecting the geo-economic interests of his country, which is expressed in his p[...]
19.05.2018 | 12:31
First lecture in Gyumri: ADL Supreme Council member Vardges Guruyan at ADL Gyumri office
On May 18, the youth of Gyumri met with the member of ADL Supreme Council and the director of Tekeyan Cultural Association’s Tigranian College Vardges Guruyan. Within the framework of the meetin[...]
18.05.2018 | 14:03
New Government
On the way to fair Armenia
It’s already ten days that there is a new prime minister in Armenia. In fact, the government of the Republic is basically formed, but the final formation of the executive power is still ahead. I[...]
16.05.2018 | 13:00
Symbolic meeting in Sochi: fair wind in the Armenian-Russian relations
A few weeks ago, when it became obvious that the change of power in Armenia was irreversible, and the reins of executive power would pass into the hands of the opposition forces led by Nikol Pashinyan[...]
16.05.2018 | 11:57
Iran Under Fire
Three countries in the Middle East are in anguish, devastated by the “Arab Spring,” which has yet to offer any rewards for the region. In the process, Iraq, Libya and Syria have been devas[...]
15.05.2018 | 13:05
Nikol Pashinyan’s first international meeting took place in Sochi
The newly elected Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan held a series of meetings with the heads of the EAEU member states - with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Ka[...]
12.05.2018 | 13:10
Why do oil prices rise?
Oil prices on the world market and, in particular, on New York and London stock exchanges are growing rapidly. Over the past month, they have increased by $ 15, from $ 60 to $ 75. Such a rise in oil[...]
11.05.2018 | 14:03
Iran-US resumed conflict: what will follow the break of the nuclear deal?
The stormy internal political developments in Armenia have distracted our attention from important international events in case when some of them happen directly on our country’s borders. In my [...]
09.05.2018 | 13:00
Symbolic triple holiday: what expectations do we meet it with
The internal political crisis in Armenia is approaching the denouement. On May 8, the National Assembly of Armenia, on the second attempt, provided the necessary number of votes for the election of Ni[...]
08.05.2018 | 11:05
Towards reconstruction
In wait for the new Prime Minister
Partial resolution of the internal political crisis in Armenia can occur on May 8, if the National Assembly will be able to choose the prime minister of the country on the second attempt. It should be[...]
05.05.2018 | 13:05
Towards reconstruction
The Armenian revolution and Russia
The velvet revolution, taking place in Armenia, has attracted the attention of the whole world. It is clear that such large-scale political actions in the post-Soviet space are not happening every d[...]
04.05.2018 | 13:00
We need revolution also in football
Rapidly developing political processes in our country during the last month pushed other interesting events, happening in the world, into background. These days, when political tension has eased to a [...]
03.05.2018 | 13:03
Our youth stood by their country
Events in Armenia seem to be coming to their end. In my analysis as of May 2, I made two predictions and both were practically implemented immediately. First, it became clear that in the coming days t[...]
02.05.2018 | 15:33
Armenian parliament rejects opposition leader’s bid for power. Financial Times
Nikol Pashinyan, the Armenian opposition leader, has called for a nationwide strike after parliament voted against making him prime minister, deepening a crisis in the south Caucasus republic.  [...]
02.05.2018 | 13:00
Towards reconstruction
Parliament rejected Pashinyan's candidacy: RPA between dignity and prudence
Initially, I was going to study and analyze the international reaction, concerning the elections of the Prime Minister of Armenia. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the material on this issue after the [...]
ADL delegation met with President Armen Sarkissian
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