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July 23, 2018
This is my land

This is my land, 

So small, that freely fits in my heart, 

So that I do not ever lose it ...

Hovhannes Grigoryan, 1945-2013 (translator, editor and poet)


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27.11.2017 | 15:12


Saturday, November 18, 2017 will be marked as an unforgettable day for the Tekeyan Cultural Foundation, a large family. That day, by the initiative of the New York Branch, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of this cultural union, named after the poet Vahan Tekeyan, took place.

The above-mentioned solemn ceremony, sponsored by the Prelate of the Eastern Armenian Church in Armenia, Lord Khajag Archbishop. Paramian and presided over by national benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Nazar and Artemis Nazarian , took place at 6:00 pm at the magnificent dance hall of Terrace at Biagio's Hall of Fame in Paramus.

The friendly moment that had taken place in the convent was very impressive. At a silent auction, it was interesting to see old friends and associates together, around the tables set up with delicious desserts. They exchanged memories of the past and were drawn to more unforgettable memories.

The official celebration started with a welcome speech by the conductor Jerry Misque. Later, the audience listened to the Armenian and American anthems by Jenny Saryans. The Dinner was blessed by Spiritual Pastor of St. Sahak and St. Mesrop Churches Rev. Oshagan Gulgulian, who graduated from Vahan Tekeyan College in Beirut.

Hilda Haroutiunian, the Chief Executive Officer of the New York Branch of the Tekeyan Cultural Association, in her welcoming speech called for inspiration from the past to be able to embrace the future, which will be certainly bright, with our eternal and united efforts. She warmly welcomed the presence of representatives of various American-Armenian organizations.

Among the hosts, there were the Ambassador of the United Nations Zohrab Mnatsakanyan and his wife, Executive Director of the Armenian Evangelical Association Zaven Khanjian and his wife, as well as members of the WB Central Board Mrs. Sarkis Jebejian and Sir and Mrs. Nazareth Festekjian and others.

It was encouraging to see a large number of representatives from the Tekeyan Cultural Association in London, Lyon, Cairo, Beirut, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles and Yerevan. They had an

important consultative meeting on the same day that with the members of the World Council of Tekeyan Cultural Union.

Returning to lunch and dance party, Hagop Ghasartchian, the Honorary Chairman of the TCU Authority of Lebanon and former member of the Lebanese Parliament, delivered a heartfelt speech. He first touched upon the 70th anniversary of the Union's mission to preserve and disseminate Armenian culture, education, literature, and art.

The respected speaker then honored the names of the founders who had a vision to which many great intellectuals and writers joined after the years, believing that the Ideological Cultural Union had given a special angle to our Union's vision.

Mr. Kasserjian has also pointed out to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of our great Association, not only to evaluate our rich past, but also to find ourselves facing a commitment to working out a new vision, a renaissance, bringing new inspiration to future generations.

The keynote speaker was the Executive Secretary of the TCF and the Central Executive Board of the Democratic Union of Canada, Yervant Azatian. He briefly touched upon the bitter situation in the post World War II that led to the creation of the Tekeyan Cultural Association.

The respected speaker observed that a group of visionary leaders felt compelled to establish schools and cultural centers so that they could provide the necessary education to orphans and to disseminate the horizons of the youths through cultural life.

He also mentioned that the mission of the Union was based on a few focuses, preserving the national identity, the diaspora's territory, and the love of Homeland. Our founding members were well aware that without the Homeland, the diaspora could not survive and will be inclined to destruction, sooner or later.

Mr. Azatian concludes his statement by saying that the ideological house of Tekeyan Foundation is the Armenian Liberal Democratic Party. He then congratulated the New York Branch for the unprecedented success of the 70th anniversary and wished that the celebrations of the 75th anniversary would be held again in New York, but this time at the New Tekeian House.

Mrs. Nora Azadian recited "The Spirit of an Armenian", poem by Vahan Tekeyan. Then the organizing committee members handed gift books to the benefactors of the event, Mr and Mrs. Nazarians, who also crossed the 70th anniversary cake. Seda, their daughter, presented a gratification speech as well.

The Archbishop of the Central Board of the Tekeyan Cultural Union, Aram Arkun, publicly announced that the former clergyman of the Central Committee, Noubar Berberian had given a legacy of 340,000 $, which would be used for scholarships and publishing works.


Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Artak Zakaryan delivered a speech on the topic of graduation from Yerevan's Tekeyan School. He heartily congratulated the Union of Armenians and wished them success in the future for their national programs. In this regard, we have admired a specially crafted video on the history of the Foundation of Tekeian and the New York Branch and the cultural activities of the past decade.

Prelate Khajag Archbishop Barsamian in his closing remarks, expressed appreciation for the education, cultural and patriotic work of the Tekeian Cultural Union. He believes that we should remember the past, celebrate the present and plan our future. His Holiness then wished further success to the great family of the Tekeyan Cultural Association.

At the end of the official ceremony, the stage was handed to Montreal's singer Elie Berberian and their band. The atmosphere of Armenian and foreign melodies was a stimulus for the volunteers to enjoy a long barbeque.

All is left is to congratulate the members of the branch and the organizing committee, who did not spare their efforts to celebrate this exceptional 70th anniversary. Their selfless and united work is invaluable and vital in our struggle for survival.




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