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July 22, 2018
This is my land

This is my land, 

So small, that freely fits in my heart, 

So that I do not ever lose it ...

Hovhannes Grigoryan, 1945-2013 (translator, editor and poet)


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10.01.2018 | 10:00

Goose Feathers Instead of Peacock

Perhaps only Azerbaijanis can present a shameful defeat as heroism. Recently, Azerbaijani TV channel "Karabakh TV" has broadcasted an interview with a military expert, Colonel-Lieutenant Uzeir Jafarov, a participant in the "outstanding horizontal military operation."


The latter connects the horizontal operation with the capture of Lele Teppe, calling them the most successful military action of the Azerbaijani army. Azerbaijanis had been recruiting Horadiz station in 1994. In January, they captured the height of Lele Tepe in 2016, during the April war. There is no logical link between these two events, and their identification may mean that they are unaware of historical facts or more likely to be a simple attempt to re-evaluate the achievements of the Aliyevian era. Indeed, the propaganda for the internal audience is the internal affair of the Azerbaijani authorities, but we think our neighbors would not be hurt from a bit of a historical revision.


Jafarov, in particular, says in his interview that the Armenian army had intended to capture Belga, then to head towards Imishli and so on, but the Azerbaijani military not only managed to overcome  Armenians but even managed to liberate 22 settlements. The latter, however, does not consider it necessary to mention that in January 1994 the Azerbaijani army was attacked in the southern direction. Moreover, during the same days, the Azerbaijanis also struck Karvachar, where massive battles took place. General Kristapor Ivanian called the Omar Pass, a unique Stalingrad where Karabakh was lucky. During this period the situation was tense in the front, the best fighting forces were taken to Karvachar, and there was a need to organize additional mobilization in Artsakh.


Due to the unbelievable deeds of the Armenian fighters, the Azerbaijani army's advance was suspended and, moreover, they managed to close the Omar Pass, where two Azerbaijani brigades were blockaded. We don't know the exact number of dead "asciars," but it varies between 2000 and 4000. In these conditions Azerbaijanis, however, managed to achieve some success in the southern direction. And if this is heroism according to the Azeri expert, it can only cause laughter.


"At present, the Azerbaijani army is equipped with modern weapons and is capable of solving any combat issue," said Jafarov. "If we had such powerful weapons at that time we would completely deprive Karabakh." Contradicting Jafarov notes that in 1992-94, the Artsakh Defense Army seized a considerable quantity of armored vehicles, rocket artillery installations and ammunition from the enemy and filling their arsenal with them. He said that by the standards of the time, the Azerbaijani army was well armed, and even he had "left for" Armenians.


Turks say, "Boo meidan, boo shaitan." The April war was an excellent opportunity to get revenge. There was a sufficient amount of modern weapons and veterans of the Karabakh war, but the fact is that just days after the battle was unleashed by Baku, it turned to the Russians for a cease-fire. What did prevent the Jafarers from volunteering on the Karabakh front and fighting with those modern weapons? Or did they get scared? Veterans of  Artsakh war and not only veterans were standing beside the Armenian soldiers during the war in April. Maybe the jafarers were terrified of the old guards; they should be... 


All nations, no doubt, has the right to be proud of its glorious children. Naturally, the Azerbaijanis did not have marshals, renowned generals during their 100-year history, so there is nothing to be proud of. Instead, they are inventing false legends, by nurturing them and bringing up the new generation. Meanwhile, the falsified story is like a bubbling balloon in the air, and it can pop at any moment from the wind. Instead of a peacock, bringing out feathers of a goose. 

Jafarov's speech was merely like that balloon. 




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