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June 22, 2018
For ruling, wisdom is necessary

It is more important for the rulers to be rich in wisdom and virtue than great luxury. Whoever cannot set self-control over his passions, he cannot be a ruler to others.



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08.05.2018 | 20:31

ADL congratulated Nikol Pashinyan on assumption of the prime minister post

Оn behalf of the structures operating in Armenia and Diaspora, the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) warmly congratulates Nikol Pashinyan on his assumption of the post of Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia and wishes him success in his future activities. In fact, this is a rather heavy burden and obligation, on the fruitfulness of which the peaceful, safe and prosperous life of our people and state, as well as the further development of our country depends.

It is time to awake from the nationwide enthusiasm and joy of achieving a fair victory.  It is time to apply efforts and endurance, time of wise and meaningful work, through which we will be able to build the future of our younger generation.

For the success of this most serious historical mission, ADL expresses its readiness to unite all its possibilities in the homeland or in the diaspora to the efforts of the new government, to promote in every way the ongoing work in the country for the sake of such areas development as democracy and justice, real economic liberalization, industry, agriculture, education, culture and tourism.



Chairperson Hakob Avetikyan


Chairperson Vardan Naziryan

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