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August 21, 2018
We cannot benefit from a foreign help

«We cannot benefit from a foreign help. The nation is miserable and will remain miserable if it is in need of a foreign help. They will never help us for their soul. They will take ten before they give us something».


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08.06.2018 | 15:34

That sweet and bitter word "criticism" or why are Sisian people still road- blocking?

At the Armenian National Assembly session, held yesterday, the deputies one by one criticized the government’s submitted program. Although I am also inclined to believe that it is more of a declarative character, but I have the desire to object to the critics. Honorables, is not it natural that within a few weeks a program of a different quality just could not be developed, especially with such an inexperienced and obviously insufficiently informed team? Were your euphonious programs, containing numbers and indicators, more flawless? Could they actually be flawless if they were written in couloirs and basically without consideration of public opinion? And, most importantly, would you be in your current situation now if you could criticize and listen to criticism once?

I will cite one striking example. When the Armenian government decided to start the process of enlarging the communities, at least 90-95% of the regions’ population opposed to this initiative.

Residents of the regions of Armenia already had such experience when at the dawn of the existence of the third republic, for some incomprehensible reasons, the administrative-territorial division of the country occurred, as a result of which the former districts were united in regions.

The older generation representatives remember the controversy surrounding the choice of regional centers, particularly, in Syunik, when there was a serious conflict between the cities of Goris and Kapan for the right to become a regional center.

Whatever it was, already in those years it proved to be a rather unfortunate idea. The main reason was the distance of some settlements from the regional centers and undeveloped transport infrastructure which led to a weakening of communication between the residents of the regions and regional centers.

Anyone who knows the geography of Armenia will understand how difficult (and in case of bad weather even impossible) it will be, say, for a resident of Gorayk village of Syunik to get to the regional center Kapan, to accomplish the scheduled activities and go back home.

Instead of drawing lessons and trying to somehow improve the situation, it was decided to start a new enlargement of the communities. This step deprived hundreds of communities of the independent management possibility, further complicating their already disastrous situation. This, first of all, concerns remote and border communities. Moreover, it turned out this is not enough.

The other day I was surprised to hear that according to the previous government’s decision the Sisian Medical Center CJSC, or, more simply, the Sisian hospital is going to be disbanded.

Although most likely it was the idea of ​​the former Minister of Health and his "ingenious" team, but it is purely aimed at worsening the situation in the regions. In fact, it was decided to deprive the Sisian region, one of the largest regions in Armenia, of hospital. Even without this, residents of Gorayk or Sarnakunk villages, like the overwhelming majority of the population of Armenia, turn to doctors only in the most extreme cases, and now they simply will not go to Goris or Kapan because of the lack of financial and other opportunities.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the population of Sisian and the medical structure employees decided to block the interstate Yerevan-Meghri road on June 8, truly in the spirit of our time.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former". To this statement by brilliant Albert Einstein I would add one more word - "indifference". In this case, indifference on the part of political figures, part of which do not even have an idea of ​​how the inhabitants of remote areas live, and the rest simply do not care about it.

So, people have no choice but trying to improve the situation by road-blocking. Let's hope the government will listen to the Sisian people’s demands, cancelling this decision, which indeed is a misunderstanding.

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