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August 17, 2018
We cannot benefit from a foreign help

«We cannot benefit from a foreign help. The nation is miserable and will remain miserable if it is in need of a foreign help. They will never help us for their soul. They will take ten before they give us something».


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12.06.2018 | 18:15

ADL supports young people in choosing a profession: about the Craft Center in Yeghegnadzor

It took about two months to open a handicraft center in the city of Yeghegnadzor with the financial support of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL). More than 30 talented young people of different age groups visit the center. They have already acquired preliminary knowledge of pottery in such a short period of time, as well as application of the acquired skills in the manufacture of small items made of clay.

Training is conducted three times a week in two different groups.

Chairperson of ADL Yeghegnadzor Club Artash Ayvazyan noted that the participants of the courses mainly specialize in pottery, and in the near future they will start to study such kinds of art as sculpture and painting.

"Since the start of the courses, only two months have passed, but during this time the youth managed to learn how to make a number of clay products. Soon they will learn to cover these products with glaze and paint", - he said, adding that, in the end, another important problem is being solved - the problem of the regional population’s employment.

"Specializing in pottery, in the future, these young people will have the opportunity to work as a potter", - the chairperson of ADL club added.

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