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June 20, 2018
For ruling, wisdom is necessary

It is more important for the rulers to be rich in wisdom and virtue than great luxury. Whoever cannot set self-control over his passions, he cannot be a ruler to others.



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13.06.2018 | 11:00

Armenia to hold talks with Iran on increasing gas supplies

Director of the Iranian National Gas Company (NIGC) Behzad Babazadeh announced the visit of the Armenian delegation to Iran, during which the price and volumes of Iranian gas imported to Armenia will be discussed.

 "The Armenian party asked to increase the volume of gas supplies from 1 to 1.6 million cubic meters. Next week, the Armenian delegation will visit Iran, with who the terms of the agreement will be discussed", - Babazadeh said.

 The representative of the Iranian gas company added that if the Armenian side increases the amount of electricity supplied to Iran, in exchange for which blue fuel is supplied to Armenia, Iran has the technical capabilities to increase the volume of gas supplied to Armenia.

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