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September 25, 2018
It's them - our great elders, who grant our Homeland to us .

Here comes Tumanyan, and the nation recognizes its Narekatsi in the depth of times. Here comes Saryan, and the nation recalls Roslin and painting. Here comes Viktor Hambardzumyan, and our eyes are gazing high into the sky... It's them - our great elders, who grant our Homeland to us.




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06.07.2018 | 17:02

ADL Student Council held its first meeting

The Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL), remaining true to its political course, continues to keep the young generation in the center of attention, involving them in various interesting educational programs and giving them the opportunity to further develop and fulfill their potential.

One of the ways to achieve this is the creation of a student council, the purpose of which is to unite ADL young representatives who live or organize their activities in Yerevan. According to their reports, ADL youth clubs have been operating in various regions of Armenia for a long time, so now there is a need for such a structure in Yerevan.

On July 5, the first meeting of the Yerevan Student Council was held, led by ADL Central Board Chairperson Hakob Avetikyan and ADL Central Board Deputy Chairperson Karen Kakoyan. The meeting was held in the office of ADL Central Board.

Hakob Avetikyan made a speech at the event, greeting the present and noting the importance of their initiative of launching their activities in Yerevan.

"For several years the Armenian youth has been at the center of our party’s attention. We managed to create youth clubs throughout Armenia, giving young people and adolescents the opportunity to gain knowledge in chess, IT, pottery skills and other fields. Due to the party’s efforts, chess training courses, computer courses, open shooting range, drawing course have been operating opened, the purpose of which is to educate the youth, to identify and develop their potential. The Student Council of Yerevan should also promote their self-expression, development, exchange of experience and acquisition of new and basic knowledge", - Avetikyan added.

Karen Kakoyan also highly appreciated the youth initiative and its readiness to come forward with new projects and ideas. During the meeting, the Coordinating Committee of the Council was formed, also, the priorities of the council, preliminary plans and forthcoming activities were determined. It was decided to organize courses in the upcoming days that will help enrich the knowledge of young people and open new prospects for them.

Council members stressed the importance of cooperation with both domestic and foreign organizations, without losing sight of the need and relevance of close cooperation with our compatriots from the Diaspora.

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