January 23, 2018
23.01.2018 | 13:28
Stepanakert to Have a new Maternity Hospital
The "Mother and Child Health Care Center," is being constructed in Stepanakert. It is expected to be commissioned this year.   According to "Artsakhpress," the Minister of Urban Development of [...]
17.01.2018 | 17:30
Karabakh Conflict Resolution is Included in UN Priority List
On January 16, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted UN's priorities for 2018, including the issue of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement.   "I'm alarmed about the conflicts and the [...]
16.01.2018 | 14:02
OSCE monitoring conducted at Artsakh-Azerbaijan border
On January 16, by the arrangement reached with the authorities of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Republic), the OSCE Mission conducted a planned monitoring of the ceasefire regime on the bo[...]
16.01.2018 | 12:49
Serviceman Killed in Artsakh
On January 16, at about 01:15, a soldier of the NKR Defense Army, of a military unit in the northern direction of the Defense Army, was shot in unexplained circumstances. Haroutiun Vanya Khachatryan w[...]
15.01.2018 | 14:17
Karabakh conflict can only be solved by the involved parties. Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that it is impossible to maintain the Nagorno Karabakh conflict with one document forever.   "We have made concentrated efforts to summarize the posi[...]
13.01.2018 | 12:01
Chobanbayati, and they are the sole audience
January 13 marks the anniversary of the massacre of Armenians in Baku. On this very day in 1990, in the capital of Azerbaijan erupted with violence against Armenians. It continued for about a week unt[...]
11.01.2018 | 14:01
Number of tourists visiting Artsakh increased
Artak Grigoryan, Head of Tourism Department at the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Artsakh Republic, informed that tourism trips in Artsakh increased by 41% in 2017 compared with[...]
10.01.2018 | 13:00
Goose Feathers Instead of Peacock
Perhaps only Azerbaijanis can present a shameful defeat as heroism. Recently, Azerbaijani TV channel "Karabakh TV" has broadcasted an interview with a military expert, Colonel-Lieutenant Uzeir Jafarov[...]
28.12.2017 | 13:00
Artsakh year. Realities and Prospects
In the foreign and domestic political life of the Republic of Artsakh in 2017, the dynamics of statehood can be viewed as stable. Let's talk about significant events that have happened in the passing [...]
13.12.2017 | 14:32
The key to peace is in Stepanakert
12.12.2017 | 16:00
Prevent the drain of intellectuals. Task or purpose?
Recently, Doctor of Economics, Professor Tatul Manaseryan gave a lecture within the framework of non-formal education program at Artsakh State University.  Manaseryan's speech was about "The Role[...]
11.12.2017 | 12:06
Startling Solution... for Artsakh
The fact that Donald Trump was somehow an epic character was apparent even during his election campaign. Of course, making bizzare statements is not appropriate for a leader, but it is Trump's style, [...]
10.12.2017 | 11:30
Twice the Celebration in Artsakh
December 10 can be considered twice a holiday for Artsakh people.  On the same day in 1991, the people of Artsakh, by referendum, said yes to the decision declared months ago, on September 2, to[...]
27.11.2017 | 14:02
Artsakh President and Chief Military Inspector of RA President discussed army building issues
On 27 November President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan received the Chief Military Inspector of the President of the Republic of Armenia, Colonel-General Mikael Harutyunyan.   Central I[...]
23.11.2017 | 14:45
NATO urges to avoid escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh
NATO is concerned over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and urges to avoid escalation, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated after meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. RIA Novosti re[...]
22.11.2017 | 10:15
3 soldiers Have Been Killed From Deadly Injuries and one is in a Serious Condition
On November 21, at about 18:35, a soldier of the NKR Defense Army Gegham Koryun Zakaryan (born in 1995), Sargis Abrahamyan (born in 1998) and Sargis Mher Melikyan (born in 1997), were killed in a secu[...]
20.11.2017 | 11:30
Aliyev and Lavrov Discussed the Karabakh Conflict
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and discussed the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement, RIA Novosti reports.   "Today we will talk about the A[...]
17.11.2017 | 14:48
"Putin Does Not Have Any Hopes on Karabakh Issue" Erdoğan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan summed up his visit to Russia and talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the Karabakh issue.   "We have discussed the Nagorno Karabakh issue[...]
13.11.2017 | 19:04
Number of Marriages Increased in NKR
771 marriages were registered in Artsakh in January-October of the current year.   "Artsakhpress" was informed by the Ministry of Justice and the notary agency, adding that the number of marria[...]
10.11.2017 | 16:18
National Assembly deputy. "Artsakh People are always ready for war"
 Arzik Mkhitaryan, Chairman of the NKR National Assembly Foreign Relations Committee, is convinced that Azerbaijan violates the decisions adopted by the parties for the settlement of the Nagorno-[...]
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