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September 26, 2018
It's them - our great elders, who grant our Homeland to us .

Here comes Tumanyan, and the nation recognizes its Narekatsi in the depth of times. Here comes Saryan, and the nation recalls Roslin and painting. Here comes Viktor Hambardzumyan, and our eyes are gazing high into the sky... It's them - our great elders, who grant our Homeland to us.




#ՀՀ Օրհներգ
15.06.2018 | 21:36
RA National Anthem
High time to change the hymn chosen by the will of one person
Author - ARMINE SIMONYAN For several years now, like the famous Shakespearean question, the same question has been raised - to change or not to change the national anthem of Armenia. Today, this issu[...]
15.06.2018 | 13:51
Aram Khachaturian's work is simply flawless as a hymn: PM
Author - Akati Vahanyan For many years, the issue of necessity of changing the Republic of Armenia’s anthem has been periodically discussed. A few days earlier, Aram Khachaturian House Museum[...]
Armenia Exhibition in NY
Armenia! Exhibition in New York: an exceptional opportunity to present the Armenians' remarkable artistic and cultural achievements and contribution to the civilization
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