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June 24, 2018
For ruling, wisdom is necessary

It is more important for the rulers to be rich in wisdom and virtue than great luxury. Whoever cannot set self-control over his passions, he cannot be a ruler to others.



#Պատմության այս օրը
20.06.2018 | 12:12
This day in history
Today is Ghazaros Aghayan's memorial day
Ghazaros Aghayan was born on April 5, 1840 in Bolnis Khachen (now in Georgia) Armenian village. His preliminary education he received in birthplace and at the priest of Shamshulda village Ter-Petros. [...]
16.06.2018 | 11:10
This day in history
Today is Armenian chess player Tigran Petrosyan's birthday
Tigran Petrosian was a Soviet Armenian Grandmaster, and World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969. He was nicknamed "Iron Tigran" due to his almost impenetrable defensive playing style, which emphasised [...]
15.06.2018 | 11:33
This day in history
Today is Armenian prominent sculptor Ervand Kochar’s birthday
   «The true creation is like wine. Grapes, grown under the sunshine, are collected and moved to the cellar. Then they enjoy wine during the occasions of love, birth, success, sadness[...]
14.06.2018 | 12:03
This day in history
Today is Sayat Nova's birthday
«The Armenian nation must be proud to have such a writer as Sayat Nova. They are a kind of a heavenly gift that not every nation can have»: Valery Bryusov Sayat Nova (“King of Song[...]
12.06.2018 | 12:24
This day in history
The victory of every nation is a result of national unity: today is Monte's Memorial Day
The victory of every nation, first of all is, the result of national unity that should be built on reasonable calculations Monte Melkonyan Monte Melkonian, one of the symbols of the Artsakh war, was[...]
06.06.2018 | 13:03
This day in history
Today is famous Armenian philanthropist Kirk Kerkorian's birthday
Kirk Kerkorian was an Armenian-American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. Known as one of the significant figures who shaped Las Vegas, he is also hailed as the ‘father of the mega reso[...]
06.06.2018 | 12:03
This day in history
Today is talented Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian's birthday
Aram Khachaturian is a talented composer, whose compositions became part of the music classics of the 20-th century. His name is recognized throughout the world, and the compositions are performed wor[...]
01.06.2018 | 10:00
This day in history
Today is International day for children protection
The 1st of June International Day for Protection of Children or Children’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world, to honor children globally. So this Day means not [...]
31.05.2018 | 11:31
This day in history
Today is the Armenian cinema founder Hamo Beknazarian’s birthday
«Happiness comes to a person in different ways. It stood in front of me as a thirty-five years old tall blonde male and suggested playing in films»   Founder of the Armenian nationa[...]
29.05.2018 | 11:07
This day in history
Speaker Babloyan congratulates peacekeepers on their professional day
Speaker of the Parliament of Armenia Ara Babloyan addressed a congratulatory message on the International Day of Peacekeepers on May 29, the Parliament told Armenpress. The message says: “Dear[...]
28.05.2018 | 10:02
This day in history
May victory 100th Anniversary: May battles' historical significance
Sardarapat battles are usually called “Avarayr battle of the 20th century”. Armenian researchers estimated it as one of the brilliant pages of the Armenian people's liberation struggle. D[...]
27.05.2018 | 15:42
This day in history
Today is Armenian writer and painter Naghash Hovnatan's birthday
Naghash Hovnatan was an Armenian writer, artist, poet, ashugh, born in 1661 in the village of Shorot (currently located in Nakhijevan region). He was the representative of the Hovnatanyan family. He[...]
27.05.2018 | 13:01
This day in history
Today is Armenian film director Frunze Dovlatyan’s birthday
“Dovlatyan is one of those film directors whose works become a whole school of life. In his films, he equally demonstrates both historical and contemporary issues, speaking about complicated h[...]
25.05.2018 | 11:01
Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan’s congratulatory message on the last School Bell event
Dear school leavers, I cordially congratulate you on the most exciting moment of life- the Last School Bell. During your school years you gained knowledge about our culture,history, language and lite[...]
19.05.2018 | 12:02
This day in history
Today is Armenian conductor and composer Ohan Durian’s birthday
Ohan Durian was outstanding Armenian composer and conductor. He was born Hanna Khatchadurian in Jerusalem. From 1939 to 1945 he studied composition, conducting and organ at the Jerusalem Conservatory.[...]
19.05.2018 | 11:01
This day in history
Today is Armenian mathematician Sergey Mergelyan's birthday
Sergey Mergelyan was an outstanding, world-famous mathematician, who established the grounds for the development of information technology in Armenia. He was born in Simferopol, Crimea (then Russia),[...]
18.05.2018 | 11:30
This day in history
Today is International Museum Day
Every year on May 18, museum workers around the world celebrate their professional holiday - the International Museum Day. It appeared on the calendar in 1977, when the regular session of the ICOM (In[...]
10.05.2018 | 11:33
This day in history
Today is historian Gabriel Aivazovsky’s birthday
Gabriel Aivazovsky was an Armenian archbishop, scientist, historian, and the brother of the famous artist Ivan Aivazovsky. Gabriel Aivazovsky, the first editor of the "Bazmavep", was born on May 10 [...]
07.05.2018 | 11:33
This day in history
Today is Grigor Narekatsi's bisrthday
Grigor Narekatsi was an Armenian poet, monk, mystical philosopher, theologian, composer and saint of the Armenian Apostolic Church and Catholic Church.  He is the author of a mystical interpreta[...]
01.05.2018 | 10:30
This day in history
May 1 is International Day of Workers' Solidarity
On May 1, many countries of the world celebrate an international holiday - Labor Day (or Spring and Labor Day), which was originally called the International Workers' Solidarity Day. On May 1 1886, Am[...]
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