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August 17, 2018
We cannot benefit from a foreign help

«We cannot benefit from a foreign help. The nation is miserable and will remain miserable if it is in need of a foreign help. They will never help us for their soul. They will take ten before they give us something».


#Պատմության այս օրը
10.08.2018 | 12:04
This day in history
Treaty of Sèvres was signed on August 10, 1920
World War I was a turning point in many aspects of world history. Historians claim, with good reason, that nothing is the same since 1918, mostly because of the new division of old empires such as the[...]
03.08.2018 | 13:34
Today in History
Today is Armenian Diaspora writer Shahan Shahnour's birthday
Shahan Shahnour (in his French language writings - Armen Lubin), born as Shahnour Kerestejian, was a French-Armenian writer and poet. He is considered a renowned Diaspora author in the Western Armenia[...]
02.08.2018 | 13:35
This day in history
Today is Boghos Nubar Pasha's birthday
Boghos Nubar Pasha, Son of Nubar Pasha (three times prime minister of Egypt), founder of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), was born on August 2, 1851 in Constantinople. He received his ed[...]
29.07.2018 | 13:37
This day in history
Today is world-famous Armenian painter Hovhannes Aivazovsky's birthday
Hovhannes (Ivan) Aivazovsky was a Russian painter of Armenian origin. Aivazovsky was born on 29 July, 1817, in the city of Feodosia (Theodosia), Crimea, Russian Empire. In the baptismal records of t[...]
20.07.2018 | 13:34
This day in history
Today is Armenian painter Minas Avetisyan’s birthday
Avetisyan Minas Karapeti is an Armenian painter, graphic artist, theatrical artist, an Armenian Honoured artist born in July 20, 1928 in the village of Jajur, Armenia. Minas studied at Terlemezyan [...]
18.07.2018 | 13:04
This day in history
Today is famous Armenian poet, historian Ghevond Alishan's birthday
Armenian poet, philologist, historian, geography expert, translator, member of Mkhitaryan monastery of Venice since 1838   Ghevond Alishan was born on July 6, 1820 in Constantinople i[...]
15.07.2018 | 13:04
This day in history
Today is Armenian renowned writer, literary critic Arshak Chobanian's birthday
 Arshak Chobanian, an Armenian writer and literary critic, was born on July 15, 1872 in Constantinople to a family of jeweler from Agn village. He received his education from the local Makruhian [...]
11.07.2018 | 15:40
Today in History
Today is Misak Metsarents's birthday
Misak Metsarents was born in Binkyan village, in Kharberd province of Western Armenia. It is situated on the bank of the rivulet of Euphrate river- Aratsani, which is surrounded with wild nature, beau[...]
11.07.2018 | 14:05
This day in history
Today is Armenian outstanding playwright Gabriel Sundukyan’s birthday
Today is Armenian outstanding writer and playwright Gabriel Sundukyan’s birthday, who is considered one of the founders of critical realism in Armenian literature. Gabriel Sundukyan was born on[...]
04.07.2018 | 13:02
This day in history
Life is a theater... Today is Mher Mkrtchyan's birthday
«An actor should perform anything. An actor represents the human, and human nature comprises all: sadness, laughter and humor». Mher Mkrtchyan was born on July 4, 1930 in Gyumri, to Mushe[...]
29.06.2018 | 13:49
Speaker of Parliament Ara Babloyan issues address in memory of volunteers missing in action
Speaker of the Parliament of Armenia Ara Babloyan sent an address in memory of volunteers missing in action, the Parliament told Armenpress. The address runs as follows: “Dear compatriots, To[...]
26.06.2018 | 14:31
This day in history
Life as it is... Today is Grigor Zohrap's birthday
Grigor Zohrap was a famous Armenian writer, politician, lawyer and philanthropist. He is considered to be the central figure in Western Armenian literature of 19th century and “prince of th[...]
20.06.2018 | 14:12
This day in history
Today is Ghazaros Aghayan's memorial day
Ghazaros Aghayan was born on April 5, 1840 in Bolnis Khachen (now in Georgia) Armenian village. His preliminary education he received in birthplace and at the priest of Shamshulda village Ter-Petros. [...]
16.06.2018 | 13:10
This day in history
Today is Armenian chess player Tigran Petrosyan's birthday
Tigran Petrosian was a Soviet Armenian Grandmaster, and World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969. He was nicknamed "Iron Tigran" due to his almost impenetrable defensive playing style, which emphasised [...]
15.06.2018 | 13:33
This day in history
Today is Armenian prominent sculptor Ervand Kochar’s birthday
   «The true creation is like wine. Grapes, grown under the sunshine, are collected and moved to the cellar. Then they enjoy wine during the occasions of love, birth, success, sadness[...]
14.06.2018 | 14:03
This day in history
Today is Sayat Nova's birthday
«The Armenian nation must be proud to have such a writer as Sayat Nova. They are a kind of a heavenly gift that not every nation can have»: Valery Bryusov Sayat Nova (“King of Song[...]
12.06.2018 | 14:24
This day in history
The victory of every nation is a result of national unity: today is Monte's Memorial Day
The victory of every nation, first of all is, the result of national unity that should be built on reasonable calculations Monte Melkonyan Monte Melkonian, one of the symbols of the Artsakh war, was[...]
06.06.2018 | 15:03
This day in history
Today is famous Armenian philanthropist Kirk Kerkorian's birthday
Kirk Kerkorian was an Armenian-American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. Known as one of the significant figures who shaped Las Vegas, he is also hailed as the ‘father of the mega reso[...]
06.06.2018 | 14:03
This day in history
Today is talented Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian's birthday
Aram Khachaturian is a talented composer, whose compositions became part of the music classics of the 20-th century. His name is recognized throughout the world, and the compositions are performed wor[...]
01.06.2018 | 12:00
This day in history
Today is International day for children protection
The 1st of June International Day for Protection of Children or Children’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world, to honor children globally. So this Day means not [...]
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