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August 15, 2018
We cannot benefit from a foreign help

«We cannot benefit from a foreign help. The nation is miserable and will remain miserable if it is in need of a foreign help. They will never help us for their soul. They will take ten before they give us something».


25.07.2018 | 18:30
At least 38 killed in series of terror attacks in southern Syria
At least 38 people were killed and dozens were wounded on Wednesday in a series of terror attacks in the As-Suwayda Governorate in southwestern Syria, Alikhbaria TV channel reported. According to the[...]
31.05.2018 | 15:31
Assad accused the US of supporting terrorists in Syria
“The countries of the West, led by the United States, continue to support terrorists in Syria and impede the political process of resolving the conflict in the country”, - Syrian President[...]
01.05.2018 | 17:33
The US will not withdraw its troops from Syria
The US does not intend to withdraw its troops from Syria before the political settlement of the conflict in this Arab country. This was stated by US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. He stressed that t[...]
26.04.2018 | 15:01
Turkish, Russian, Iranian FMs to meet in Moscow
Foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia and Iran will gather in Moscow on Saturday to discuss the cooperation within the framework of the Astana mechanism. According to a statement issued by the Turkish [...]
17.04.2018 | 17:31
The UN announced the end of people's evacuation from the Syrian Douma
The last group of 3800 Syrians, evacuated from the city of the Douma, arrived in the province of Aleppo. This was reported by the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stéphane Du[...]
17.04.2018 | 13:05
Syria after the missile strike
More than 100 missiles, launched in the direction of Syria, pointed to a new reality, the situation around this state, and here it is not only about political, but also military balance. The rocket st[...]
16.04.2018 | 13:00
Pope Francis urges to make all efforts to achieve peace in Syria
Pope Francis expressed his concern about the situation in Syria and calls for every possible effort to achieve peace. The pontiff said this on Sunday after the traditional Sunday sermon. "I am deeply[...]
16.04.2018 | 11:30
Assad named the timing of economic recovery in Syria
10-15 years and $ 400 billion - that's how much time and money will be needed to restore the economy of Syria. This was stated at the meeting with the delegation of Russian parliamentarians by Syrian [...]
16.04.2018 | 10:00
Putin discussed the situation in Syria after the coalition attack with the Iranian president
During a telephone conversation with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic after a missile strike by the United Sta[...]
11.04.2018 | 15:19
Trump tells Russia to 'get ready' for Syria missile strikes
US President Donald Trump told Russia in an early morning tweet to prepare for "nice and new and 'smart!'" missile strikes in Syria after an alleged gas attack on the last rebel stronghold in the coun[...]
20.03.2018 | 13:05
Turkish invasion and Afrin
As it is already known, the city of Afrin, located in the north-west of Syria, has been under the control of Turkish troops. Two months after the invasion of Syria, Turkey succeeded in capturing the c[...]
08.02.2018 | 14:30
Putin discussed the situation in Afrin and Idlib with Erdogan
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Syria’s Afrin and Idlib with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan by phone. Turkish media reported this. Later, the information was[...]
06.02.2018 | 17:03
UN Secretary General concerned about reports of new chemical attacks in Syria
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is concerned about reports of new chemical attacks in Syria and condemns such attacks in the strongest possible terms. This was stated on Monday by his official r[...]
22.01.2018 | 17:32
Turkish Troops 7.5 km into Syria
Turkey’s ground forces and units of the Free Syrian Army have advanced 7.5 km from the Turkish-Syrian border towards the city of Afrin in the past 48 hours, Haberturk TV Channel reported on Mond[...]
22.01.2018 | 14:00
Iran Demands From Turkey to Immediately Stop Operations in Syria
Iran on called for a quick end to a Turkish incursion into northern Syria's Afrin province on Sunday. Stating that it may help "terrorist" groups. IRNA news agency reports.   "Iran hopes that t[...]
22.01.2018 | 11:48
Syrian refugee lands dream job with Sydney silversmith company
On the bustling streets of Aleppo in Syria, the name Avedik Bayramian was a hallmark for quality craftsmanship in silverware.   He comes from a long line of Armenian silversmiths stretching bac[...]
23.11.2017 | 20:40
The Stage of Political Action Begins in Syria. Arabologist
"We will no longer witness any military activity typical of the previous stages of the Syrian crisis," said Arabologist Hayk Kocharyan in an interview with HayDzayn referring to the current situation [...]
09.11.2017 | 11:30
The Last Stronghold of Terrorists Under the Control of the Syrian Army
 The Syrian army has taken full control of the city of Al-Bukhâm, which is the last stop in the country of the Islamic State terrorist group. RIA "Novosti" reports referring to the statemen[...]
05.11.2017 | 13:01
Large blast at Deir Zor | 100 victims
A bomb blast near the Syrian refugee camp near Der Zor The explosion has caused more than 100 deaths. RIA Novosti reports.    According to the source, dozens have been injured. A suicide b[...]
20.10.2017 | 12:01
Lavrov Speaks About the Final Stage of Actions Against the ISIL in Syria
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the military operation against the Islamic State terrorist organization will soon be over, RIA Novosti reports.   "The situation in Syria is app[...]
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