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August 16, 2018
We cannot benefit from a foreign help

«We cannot benefit from a foreign help. The nation is miserable and will remain miserable if it is in need of a foreign help. They will never help us for their soul. They will take ten before they give us something».


11.08.2018 | 18:02
Early Jurassic dinosaur footprints discovered in China
A research team said Friday, August 10 that they have discovered at least 250 dinosaur footprints in southwest China's Guizhou Province, Xinhua reports. The footprints, scattered over [...]
10.08.2018 | 13:25
Tajikistan president visits Azerbaijan
Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon is on a visit to Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Presidents of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, Ilham Aliyev and Emomali Rahmon, held a tête-à-tê[...]
09.08.2018 | 19:15
"The Popcorn Oscar" - Major change coming to the Academy
Major change is coming to the Oscars. On Tuesday, August 7 night, just five months after the lowest-rated Academy Awards telecast on record (a mere 26.5 million viewers tuned in), the Academy of[...]
09.08.2018 | 14:00
Ecuador declares state of emergency due to migration flow from Venezuela
Ecuador on August 8 declared a state of emergency due to huge flow of Venezuelan migrants crossing over the northern border with Colombia after fleeing the OPEC nation’s economic crisis, Reuters[...]
08.08.2018 | 13:00
Facts about Stonehenge builders emerge in new study
Scientists have unveiled details about the people who built the Stonehenge in the U.K., by analysing the human remains found at the site. Despite over a century of intense study, very littl[...]
07.08.2018 | 21:00
Researchers uncover remnants of early solar system
Scientists believe the solar systemwas formed some 4.6 billion years ago when a cloud of gas and dust collapsed under gravity possibly triggered by cataclysmic explosion from a nearby massive sta[...]
06.08.2018 | 15:00
Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador from Canada
Riyadh is recalling its ambassador in Ottawa for consultations, reported the official Saudi Press Agency. In addition, the Saudi foreign ministry announced that it considered the Canadian ambassador [...]
06.08.2018 | 14:20
Japan honors memory of victims of Hiroshima atomic bombing
Japan observed a moment of silence on Monday to commemorate the victims of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, which took tens of thousands of lives 73 years ago. The memorial ceremony is currently taking [...]
06.08.2018 | 14:02
More than 90 dead because of the earthquake in Indonesia
A powerful earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok, killing at least 91 people, reported The Associated Press. Several thousand people have been evacuated to safe places. Thousands of home[...]
06.08.2018 | 13:30
Bolivian leader says US plotting intervention against Venezuela
Bolivian President Evo Morales has accused the United States of plotting a military intervention against Venezuela and seeking support from Latin American leaders for these ends. "Within the last 1[...]
03.08.2018 | 15:00
White House: No second meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un is currently planned
U.S. President Donald Trump received a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the two continue to discuss Pyongyang’s commitment at a recent Singapore summit to rid itself of nuclear wea[...]
02.08.2018 | 16:01
Trump looks forward to seeing Kim Jong Un again
US President Donald Trump has thanked the North Korean leader, reported RIA Novosti news agency of Russia. “Thank you to Chairman Kim Jong Un for keeping your word & starting the process of[...]
01.08.2018 | 13:02
Russia, Japan outline areas of further defense cooperation
Areas for further cooperation between Russia and Japan in the defense sphere were outlined by the two countries’ foreign and defense ministers, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tue[...]
31.07.2018 | 18:34
EU provides €700 million for supporting SMEs in Greece and Spain
The European Union announced the launch of an investment program for Greece and Spain aimed at supporting SMEs, the European Commission said on July 31, TASS reported. “The European Investment [...]
31.07.2018 | 17:00
90 Turkish citizens barred from entering Israel over ‘falsified visas’
Israeli authorities barred a group of 90 Turkish tourists from entering the country on Sunday, saying that the visas presented to border control upon their arrival had been falsified, i[...]
30.07.2018 | 13:09
8 killed in Sochi house fire
Eight people were killed in a house fire in the Russian city of Sochi, the emergency services told TASS. The Sochi City Hall informed that three people were injured in the fire. As of now, the fire [...]
20.07.2018 | 13:01
Russia, China block US request for banning oil product deliveries to North Korea
Russia and China has denied support to a US request at a committee of the UN Security Council to ban supplies oil products to the DPRK without providing proofs and methodology, a UN diplomatic sources[...]
20.07.2018 | 12:00
Trump says looking forward to second meeting with Putin
US President Donald Trump has called the Helsinki summit meeting with Vladimir Putin a great success and has revealed his expectations for a new meeting for a further resolution of existing problems. [...]
19.07.2018 | 14:35
Japan halts imports of oil from Iran
Japanese oil companies are preparing for a complete cessation of oil imports from Iran, Japan's leading business newspaper Nikkei reported on Thursday. According to the newspaper, oil supplies from I[...]
18.07.2018 | 12:45
More than half of Americans disapprove Trump’s policy towards Russia – poll
More than half of Americans disapprove of the way U.S. President Donald Trump is handling relations with Russia, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after his controversial summit with Russian[...]
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