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Arshak Chobanian

Notable intelligent, ADL pioneer
  • He was the first to analyze Grigor Narekatsi's literary heritage, putting it next to the world literature frontmen's works.
  • Since the ADL's foundation, Arshak Chopanyan was a member of the party, and soon - in 1926, he was elected chairperson of the Central Board of the Ramkaar Azatakan Party (1926-1929).
  • In 1898, n Paris, his famous periodical “Anahit”. After that, he published his series of poems called “Trtrumner” (Shudderings) in 1892, followed by his first novel “Tughti Parki” (The glory of paper), later - his first play “Mut Khaver” (Dark Strats) and many other dramas and works.
Hovhannes Tumanyan

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