Explosion at ammunition depot in Turkey's Hakkari

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At least 25 Turkish soldiers were injured and another seven are missing in an explosion at an ammunition depot on Friday evening. Officials said the incident was an accident.

The explosion in a military base in the city of Hakkari “injured military personnel,” the provincial governor’s office announced in a statement.

Turkey’s Defence Ministry said it was an “accident” when soldiers were “shelling” within the military base, but did not clarify if it was a military exercise or some other incident.

"Twenty-five heroic soldiers were injured in the accident but were immediately taken to hospital, receiving treatment. We continue working to reach to seven of our heroic soldiers,” the ministry added in its statement, reported by Anadolu Agency.

An investigation is underway.

Hakkari is located in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast.

Media has been banned from approaching the area.

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