Meeting with PACE President, CoE Secretary General: Armenian PM’s Strasbourg visit begins

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will start his visit in Strasbourg by the meeting with President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Liliane Maury Pasquier, reports Armenpress.

Pashinyan is also scheduled to meet with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland after which they will hold a joint press conference. The Armenian PM will hand over the decision on naming the area within Northern Avenue of Yerevan as Europe Square on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Council of Europe.

Prime Minister Pashinyan will also meet with President of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe Gianni Buquicchio.

In the daytime the Armenian PM is scheduled to address the PACE which will be followed by a Q&A session.

Later in the day the opening of the exhibition titled “The Velvet Revolution of Armenia” will take place at the CoE headquarters.

Nikol Pashinyan will also meet with the Armenian community representatives, but before that he will visit the Strasbourg Cathedral.

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