ADL Position Regarding Forthcoming Snap Elections in Armenia

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The Diasporan and Armenian structures of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL) have been observing every development of Armenia’s political scene. Simultaneously, the organization, through its worldwide membership and the broad network of its news outlets, has been promoting the fundamental wishes of the citizenry of Armenia regarding the irrevocable process of democratization.

Based on the above premises, all structures of the ADL have been committed to the idea of snap elections to bring to power a true legislative body representing genuinely all segments of society in Armenia. The vision is spearheaded by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and shared by all of us. To that effect, the ADL is ready to lend its support to the prime minister’s endeavors and cooperate fully with him to achieve that noble goal. It is time for Armenia to be endowed with a truly representative national assembly (parliament).

We fully welcome the initiative of the prime minister to begin a process that will lead to new elections. In this process, the prime minister tenders his resignation and during a waiting period of 7 + 7 days, as prescribed by the current constitution, the sitting parliament is dissolved, since no other candidate is anticipated for the position. Upon completion of this process, snap parliamentary elections will be held in mid-December to create the desired legislative body.

Despite the time limitations, the ADL hopes that the forthcoming elections will be held in the paramount spirit of cooperation, based on democratic and constitutional principles. The unity between Armenia, Artsakh and the diaspora will help the Armenian people confront the dangers extant in the region and move forward with determination to create a powerful homeland enjoying peace and economic prosperity.

In pursuit of the above vision, the ADL is ready to cooperate with true political forces and will participate in the elections, bearing its share of responsibility, with the help of its membership and friends.

Armenian Democratic Liberal Party

Supreme Council: Vartan Nazerian

Central Committee: Hagop Avedikian

October 17, 2018

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